Dushman Se Nijat K Liye Wazifa ,

” Chore ke khak la ker 71 martaba sura feel phere aur is amal ko 71 bustle jare rakhe pher is khak ko dushman ke ghar me phenk de to dushman se nijat mil ji ge,amal pherte waqat kali mirch ka bukhoor jalaiye aur mu me neem ka pata rakhe.

:To dispose of your enemy get a handfull of clean from where four ways get together and discuss sura feel for 71 times for 71 days and a brief span later throw the clean in his home or give him in sustenance or drink,while captivating copy diminish peeper and put something brutal in your mouth.

dushman se bachne ka wazifa

Reat per beth ker sura hasher ke akhree do ayat ko phere aur pher 21 martba ke baad shamal junoob mashraq aur mahrib ke taraf unglee se ishara kere aur apne ghird ek ghol dayera kachne le.to wo dushman ke nazroo se poosheeda hp ji ga.

:Sit on the sand and look at sura hasher last 5 verses for 21 times and with your finger point towards north,east,west,south,then make an insistence float around you and your enemy won’t discover you.

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