Taweez Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye

Taweez Her Kism Ki Bimariyo Ki Ilaj Ke Liye, ” Get Rid Off Any Diseases and Pains”,Keep the finger at the place of toothache read this Taweez for one time and blow it . After this, cook the Taveez in “AKHNI” (Pulao)

on the other hand “KAWA” (Tea) and make the individual drink who is experiencing toothache. Inshallah, one will get discharge from torment.

(2). To get freed or Viral Fever:-

Central/Ordinary fever or viral fever. So recalling a definitive target to dispose of such fevers on must do waxing of Taweez and place it in the neck of patient. Make the name out of patient at the place which is void in the Taveez. Inshallah, the patient will certainly get facilitating from all sort of fever.

(3). To dispose of Flue:-

The fever which continues its own specific and mitigates in isolation is called as ‘Vent’. For this condition, one must do the warring of Taweez under green surface and put into the rack of the patient experiencing fever and make the name out of patient at the void place in the Taveez. Tnshallah, fever will never at whatever time return once gone.

(4). Settling of pot stomach:

Precisely when issue is made in the pot gut i.e. it escapes the reat put, so as to bring the tummy (inside) in its own specific place one must tie this Taveez in pot stomach of the patient. Inshallah, the internall pot paunch will get into its certifiable place.

(5). Curing from each torment:-

To get cured of every single infirmity, this Taweez is to an awesome degree gainful and expect a key part. On the off chance that any ailment happens you could put this Taveez in the neck of specific patient experiencing infirmity. Reliably blend this Taweez into water and give for toasting the patient for 7 days. Inshallah, the patient will go to his own specific thriving and the pain will be cured.

(6). To get cured from Diabetes:-

Diabetes is a hopeless infection however Allah has given an extraordinary .. in his name and his “KALAAM” this Taweez is conveyed using all the 99 names of ALLAH. Diligent ought to investigate this Taweez for 10 times at the time of “TAHJUT” after this, jump the Taveez into water and following to offering Namaz-e-Tajr, the patient must drink a similar water consequently, proceed with this procedure for 40 days. Inshallah, by the generosity of ALLAH, diabetes will in reality get cured.

(7). To get cured from Blood Pressure:-

To get into power the Blood Pressure, the patient ought to tie this Taveez on his/her left hand and read the Taweez well ordered 111times and in the wake of analyzing beg ALLAH for getting cured of high or low circulatory strain. Inshallah, the Blood Pressure will come into control at its basic weight.

Note:- Do not gobble up salt.

(8). Guide of Sur-e-Fatiha:-

Sur-e-Fatiha is said to be a substance of Quran-e-Majeed. Qur Prophet Hazrat Mohammed had given get his sayings that Sur-E-Fatiha not just passes on a great deal of curing in itself additionally a key to all work. That is the reason, whatever you’re aching is and with whatever idea you keep this Taweez with you, inshallah, you will get achievement in the specific matter. On the off chance that you keep this Taveez in any questionable condition near to you then, your issue will get free off. On the off chance that one keeps this Taweez to cure any malady then, any distress will be cured.

On the off chance that anyone needs Allah’s help and Mercy then susely by keeping this Taweez one will get Allah style and gifts . It recommends that guide of Sue-E-Fatiha is treatable and steady for a broad assortment of issues and burdens . To utilize this Taweez in the wake of offering Surrat of Namaz-e-fajr and before fariz of Namaz-e-fajr read the Taveez 41 times for 40 days each additionally keep the Taweez near to you. At all might be the work (Good Work) will no two ways about it be done, Inshallah.

(9). Get-together of all maps Together :-

This guide is the pearl of inward soul. On the off chance that one keeps this guide close-by him then one will get properity in the greater part of his work. One who will keep this Taveez with him, individuals will act naturally overseeing and will win in each occupation and work. In the event that anyone tries to get into his enemity then the individual will come up short from the one having this Taweez. On the off chance that any basic is made the need will be content with the assistance of this Taweez . Hence, it changes into a pearl’ of inner soul and expect and basic part in satisfying inside wishes which are unprecedented and legitimized.

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