Wazifa To Cure Skin Diseases

Wazifa to Remove Skin Diseases ,

Best Wazifa to Remove Dark Spots, Stretch or Burn Marks, Skin Blemishes and Scars from Face/Body

How to Perform this Wazifa?

In English:

Before: Sun move in the morning and resting in the night;

Talk about “Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem” then present one thousand (1,000) times “Ya Shaafi” and blow it on your both palms and wipe it on the spot of spots/engravings;

Close to this, you can similarly break down eleven conditions (11) “Ya Shaafi” and blow it on the refreshment before drinking anything;

Notwithstanding this, talk about “Musallatun La Shiyata Feeha” forty one (41) times and blow on the cream or gel before applying on the spot of spots/engravings. Insha ALLAH spots/engravings will be cleared.

In Urdu:

Subah suraj ugne se pahle aur ratko sone se pahle;

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem” padiye aur uske horrendous ek hazar (1000) martaba “Ya Shaafi” padiye aur fir apne hatho standard dum kar dijiye fir jis jagah daagh dhabbe hai fer lijiye;

Iske ilava ap gyarah (11) martaba “Ya Shaafi” padkar jo bhi chiz piye us standard dum kardijiye aur pi liya kijiye;

Is ke ilava, ap iktalees (41) marataba corner di hui dua padiye-Daagh Dhabbe ki Dua-yaALLAH.in aur jo bhi dawa ap chehre standard lagate hai us standard dum karke lagayiye. Insha ALLAH daagh dhabbe passage hojayenge.

Couple of More Tips to Remove Dark Spots:

Lemon/leemu ke chhilke pees kar doodh/drain mein milayen aur raat ko sonay se pehlay chehre standard laga liya kijiye;

Taza doodh/drain mein chand qatre glycerine mila kar chehre standard lagane se bhi daag dhabe area ho jatay hein aur skin/jild nikhar jati hai; and

Balai mein chand qatre lemon/leemu ka juice/rus mila kar chehre standard laga lijiye. Daagh dhabe halke ho jayengay aur jate rahenge insha ALLAHul A’zeez.

Rules to Remove Acne Scars in Urdu


A to a phenomenal degree common affliction found in youths. Pimple inflamation illnesses are general recognized by excellence of hormonal changes in high schoolers. This is all around known as Acne Vulgaris. This ailment happens when a smooth substance “Sebum” squares pores.

Do whatever it takes not to push insha ALLAH we will have an exceptionally convincing and skilled treatment for this sickness without misusing your money.

Wazifa #1

Wazifa ‘How to Remove Acne Scars in Urdu’

In Roman English

Agar apko esi jild ki shadeed bimari hai jisse ki forhe funsiyo me se mawaad tak nikal jati hai. To ghabraye nahi iska ilaj hai.

Sabse pahle taza wudu bana lenge to behtar hoga;

Esi surat me ap funsi ke ird-support shahadat ki ungli (namaz me daye hath ki jis ungli se shahadat/gawahi dete hai) ferte rahe;

Shahadat ki ungli ird-reinforce ferte tint ap saat (7) martaba upar di hui ayat ko parhiye Laa Ilaaha IllALLAHUL Haleemul Kareem;

Ye parhte tint shahadat ki ungli ko waha se zor lagakar dabaye jis se ke wo funsi fat/khul jaye;

Esa jitni funsiya/forhe hai sab standard kijiyega;

Ye sirf ek greetings martaba karna hai;

Fir ap apna hath ungliya dhokar pani se pak kar le;

Insha ALLAH apki tamam chehre ki funsi/forhe passage hojayenge, Ameen.

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen haiz ki halat me ye wazifa kar sakti hai bila wudu ke.

Wazifa ‘How to Remove Acne Scars in Urdu’

In English

If you have a skin unsettling influence infection and you have to discard these pimple inflamation issues like pimples. Endeavor not to free for all Insha ALLAH through this wazifa you will get an unending methodology.

Guidelines to Perform the Wazifa

Make another careful purging;

Rub your correct hand pointer around the pimple;

While rubbing your index finger around the pimple like a float talk about seven (7) times Laa Ilaaha IllALLAHUL Haleemul Kareem;

While doing this press your finger on the pimple so that the pimple will influence out, the mouth will open;

Do this on all the practically identical kind of pimples all around;

You should play out this solitary once on all pimples;

You can then wash your finger from water;

Insha ALLAH your entire pimple inflamation debasement of your face will start curing soon, Ameen.

Note: Females can play out this wazifa in the midst of their menses without making a concentrated cleaning.

*Important Note-This wazifa is only for the pimple tribulation which all around can be found in young people/youths. Mindfully do no play out this wazifa for whatever other skin break out disease. duaforlove.net advices you to teach the dermatologist for any kind with respect to pimple inflamation ailmen

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